Case Studies

Utilization Of An Automated SMS-Based Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Tool In Spinal Surgery Patients

Recent evidence suggests that collecting and tracking patient reported outcomes (PROs) is correlated with improved patient quality of life, patient satisfaction and physician-patient communication. With the ongoing shift in the healthcare industry to value-based care, more emphasis is being placed on patient reported measures as well as clinical outcomes and cost reduction methods. Typically, PROs are collected via paper forms, but this method has shown to be difficult to incorporate and a burden on clinical staff and patients.

Implementing A Patient Monitoring Protocol After Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) System Implantation to Reduce Complications

At BSSNY, Dr. de Lotbinière successfully treats chronic spinal cord pain patients using SCS systems. The SCS systems provide great pain relief however, there is a rare chance of severe complications such as weakness or paralysis. If adverse effects are caught early, it is possible to prevent these severe complications.

Optimizing Patient Care in Pain Medicine: The Use of Automated SMS Surveys

Pain Disorders are a significant public health issue affecting one in five American adults daily. Management of pain patients is complex and challenging.

Implementation Of Automated SMS Messaging To Improve Patient Compliance With Medical Device Prescription

Patient nonadherence to recommended treatment regimens, including medical device prescription, is a significant barrier to effective medical treatment. Tracking medical device compliance is essential to improving patient adherence and outcomes, however monitoring such data in a reliable and efficient manner is challenging. A global medical device company recently implemented DTX to monitor patient compliance for their Bone Growth Stimulator (BGS), a device used to help promote spinal fusion.

Reliable Tracking Of Key Marketing Data Through An Automated SMS-Based Software

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) on healthcare marketing initiatives remains extremely challenging. Investing in various advertisement vcampaigns can be extremely costly and considering budget constraints, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to have a reliable way of tracking their marketing dollars to ensure investments are producing the best possible outcomes.

Use Of Automated SMS Messaging To Streamline Patient Appointment Confirmations

Spine Options (SO) is a seven-physician pain management practice located in Westchester County, NY. SO adopted DTX vto help improve their appointment confirmation process and reduce no-shows.

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