Benefits of Implementing

PRO Measures

Implementing PRO measures into your organization not only improves your payments from insurance companies but also improves the health of your patients. Specific benefits include:

Readmission Reduction

DTX allows hospitals and clinics to automate follow up with patients after discharge to ensure proper care and no problems. Any problems are relayed to the provider through our alert system.

Chronic Disease Management

DTX allows weekly automated follow-up on any chronic disease such as back pain, CHF, renal failure, diabetes ,and others so the provider can qualify for CDM reimbursement.

Risk Stratification

The application allows high-volume providers to quickly assess risk in their most common procedures with outcomes.

Remote Monitoring

Quickly set up daily, weekly or monthly check ups on patients through the automated process and review results in minutes of completing the data form.

Patient Satisfaction

You no longer need to pay a significant amount of money for patient satisfaction surveys; create your own.

a physician who uses dox patient-reported outcomes solution

Unique Features

DTX is one of the first PRO tools and has several unique benefits over its competitors, including:

Quality sets

Quality Sets are question sets that can be sent to the physician. These question sets allow physicians to indicate important information about their patients’ health such as risk factors. This data can then be analyzed in the Analytics Dashboard and can be viewed alongside, then filtered with patient outcome data.

Data Aggregation

DTX allows users to compare outcomes from similar disease processes among other registered user groups. DTX users can benchmark themselves by comparing their results to a “DTX Average,” an aggregate of results from all relevant user groups,

Alert Priority

All alerts triggered to the physician and their teams can be assigned a Priority Level. Having the ability to categorize alerts as High, Medium, or Low, users can prioritize their responses to alerts.

Learn how you can put DTX to work for your organization and your patients.