Safe, Secure


DTX is a text-based secure way to administer COVID screening questions to employees, clients, students, or patients. The system can be used by a number of different entities, including employers, schools, gyms, salons, physician practices, and dental offices.

Automate Your COVID

Symptom Tracking

With DTX, you can easily automate COVID symptom tracking. DTX lets you:


  • Send COVID symptom questions to any group of people you choose
  • Deliver your question set(s) daily or at any other time interval directly to a mobile phone
  • Automate alerts for responses that require action
  • Customize question set to your needs
  • Meet requirements for your back-to-work/school COVID protocols


Plus, since DTX isn’t an app, users don’t need to download anything or create login.

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Once enrolled in DTX, you will receive a greeting text message with a link to your customized COVID questionnaire. Simply click on the link and start answering the questions!

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