DTX Med featured on Accelerate Health Podcast

DTX Med featured on Accelerate Health Podcast

Rami Elsabeh, Chief Product Officer at DTX Med, was featured on HIMSS Accelerate Health, a podcast that has discussions with changemakers and disruptors who are walking the cutting edge of healthcare and shaping the health tech industry in new and innovative ways.

Rami describes DTX, a novel patient-reported outcome tool that can help providers improve reimbursement rates and compare outcomes with their peers. DTX automates and digitizes the capture of patient-generated data; providers can create custom surveys tailored to various clinical scenarios and send them to patients at any given time points. Patients answer surveys via a simple text message link; there is no app to download or login required.

Rami explains how Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York (BSSNY), a 26-physician practice located in Westchester County, NY, is using DTX to streamline follow-up care for spine surgery patients. The DTX Team has created standardized modules for the Microdiscectomy, Lumbar Fusion, and Anterior Cervical Fusion procedures which BSSNY is using. BSSNY clinicians receive instant alerts for patients at risk of a negative outcome helping to minimize avoidable readmissions. DTX’s real-time analytics has enabled BSSNY surgeons to benchmark their outcome data to other spine surgeons using DTX. The DTX team has also set up automated custom clinical studies for BSSNY.

Since the implementation of DTX, BSSNY has seen a 67% reduction in staff time required for data collection, an improvement in patient outcomes, and better care management of their high-risk patients. They have also received better reimbursement rates from their insurance carriers for implementing a standardized outcome program. DTX has allowed BSSNY to seamlessly monitor patients along their care pathways, enabling providers to improve their standard of care and improve the lives of patients and their families.

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